EuroSafe Italy S.r.l. was founded in order to carry out technical/commercial activities in the sector of fire and explosion protection in the workplace.

The core business of the company is the design/production of Smoke Barriers and Fire Curtains.

The devices are entirely manufactured at our factory in Bologna, which allows us more flexibility and the punctual arrival of supplies, as well as optimising our on-site and post-sales assistance.

We aim to be the point of reference in a qualified market, offering tiered solutions to project designers, firefighting operators and insurance companies.

In order to carry out a qualified activity and guarantee high level of technical support, we have split our company into two divisions:

1. Fire Protection Division

  • Supply of passive fire protection systems
  • Supply of fire detection and extinguishing systems

2. Explosion Protection Division

  • Support consulting at regulatory level
  • Evaluation of systems in accordance with explosion protection directives (ATEX)
  • Supply of explosion protection safety systems.
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