The SECURITON group has dedicated itself completely to applied safety technology since 1948, the year of its foundation. Thanks to its pioneering spirit and brilliant intuition, over the last 60 years Securiton has evolved to become a benchmark brand in the field of high standard safety. The long-lasting relationship with customers, partners, bodies and institutions is proof of the confidence that the market shows with regards to the group's technology and expertise.

Today, Securiton designs, installs and takes care of safety systems for areas at risk in the commercial, administrative and industrial sectors, both public and private, located throughout the world.

New technologies, modern technological knowledge and the experience of Securiton offer a solid basis for being able to master even the most difficult problems. For critical situations, Securiton's special fire alarm systems are unbeatable. These systems can be adapted to any solution and are particularly efficient when the needs of a particular environment do not allow the installation of standard alarm systems.

Guaranteed fire detection starts with point detectors. These detectors, which have been employed with success worldwide, convince customers thanks to a refined technique of detection and transmission, as well as their cost-effectiveness.

The wide range– from the smoke/heat detector based on diffused light technology to the universal thermal detector with differential and maximum characteristics – makes it possible to obtain maximum precision: each area is monitored effectively by the most suitable detector. The ultra-modern Securiton fire detection system ensure an accurate analysis of detector signals, which are transmitted quickly and precisely to programmed addresses.

Unlimited safety: special fire detectors

When conventional point detectors are not the most suitable, Securiton's special detectors are the perfect solution. They are able to function with maximum reliability even in the most difficult conditions. They selectively ignore heat, cold, soot and moisture, and accurately report the essential events.

The special fire detectors are used, for example, in tunnels, cold stores and laboratories, but also in museums or computer centres. The connection to globally integrated systems optimises their effectiveness and ease of use.

Securiton special fire detectors are:

  • Temperature sensor: their sensors track and immediately report rises in temperature
  • Linear heat detector: they record hot air that spreads quickly
  • Infrared linear heat detector: they record turbidity crossed by infrared ray and caused by heat or smoke
  • Smoke extraction system: they check whether extracted air contains smoke particles
  • Video surveillance system: digital image analysis to detect fire and smoke
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