Securiton's special detectors are the perfect solution for when the use of conventional point detectors is precluded. These are able to operate with maximum reliability even in the toughest conditions. They selectively ignore heat, cold, moisture and soot, and accurately report the essential events. The special fire detectors are used, for example, in tunnels, cold stores and laboratories, but also in museums and computer centres. The connection to globally integrated systems optimises the effectiveness and ease of use.

The Securiton special fire detectors are:

  • temperature sensor: its sensors track and immediately report rises in temperature
  • linear heat detector: records the hot air that spreads quickly
  • infrared linear fire detector: records the turbidity detected by infrared scan and caused by heat or smoke
  • smoke extraction system: verifies if the intake air contains smoke particles
  • video surveillance: digital image analysis to detect fire and smoke



fire detection

SecuriPro® is the new security system with which to achieve high-quality fire alarm systems. It consists of control panels, new generation alarms, fire detectors (SecuriStar®) and new innovative operator panels. SecuriPro® is constituted by one or more circular lines formed by SecuriLine® signalling lines.

The fire detectors, alarm buttons and optical and acoustic spotters are connected to these lines and are controlled by the Main Control Unit (MCU), conceived as a central unit without signalling or control functions, with the features of powering all of the devices and serving as the connection junction between the SecuriLine® signal lines and the SecuriLan® bus system, which, in turn, transmits over a secure channel to the control device and signals the data over the ring lines. It also offers interfaces for additional safety systems, such as CCTV or security management systems. Even PCs and printers can easily be connected to SecuriLan®.

All of the SecuriPro® advantages:

  • The system is adaptable and can be used for both large and small installations. Costs can be kept low by avoiding "giant control panels".
  • New acquisitions and upgrades can be made over time by using a completely open and modular system.
  • It restricts the use of connecting cables as a result of the decentralised intelligence.
  • Ability to easily connect the whole range of SecuriStar® detectors, explosion-proof fire detectors and special SecuriRAS® and SecuriSens® detectors.
  • The automatic direction of the detectors greatly simplifies the installation and expansion.
  • Circular wiring provides security against possible interruptions or failures due to short circuits or sabotage.
  • Cost-efficient periodic maintenance thanks to the self-monitoring and a simple concept of maintenance.
  • Extremely simple operation combined with the modernity of the SecuriPro® design.
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Analogue smoke detector

The new SecuriStar® can be tailored precisely to each specific hazardous situation. The sensitive smoke and/or heat sensors perceive fires already in the initial phase and in the space of a few fractions of a second the detectors transmit an alarm signal. The best complementarity of smoke and temperature, the connected sensors, the optimised conduct for smoke penetration and the new alarm filters guarantee maximum accuracy in the detection of fires.

Even in terms of comfort and economy, the new generation of detectors sets new records. For example, each individual fire detector has its own individual locator, the UNI (Unique Number Identification), which offers incomparable advantages during installation and operation. The detector is connected to the system simply by means of plug & play; any wiring errors can be quickly located. When a detector is substituted the replacement device will automatically resume the UNI. Securistar H is the first fire detector that permanently and autonomously adapts to its environment, without requiring complex post-installation parameterisation operations. With the cubic levelling system developed internally, the new fire detector continuously measures its environmental parameters, such as the absolute temperature, the relative increase of the temperature and the air obfuscation. Based on these values, it determines the optimal sensitivity for each place of use and it adjusts according to the environmental conditions.
Depending on your needs (visible installation, built-in installation, installation in dry or wet rooms, installation in ventilation ducts), various bases can be mounted. The simplicity of the assembly is facilitated by the bayonet technique, safe and tested.



  • MTD 533 - Multisensor Smoke Temperature Detector - Combined smoke and heat detector, for applications where temporary disturbances and changes in the surrounding conditions require separate detection. The smoke and heat alarms are signalled separately. The parameters can be set with different thresholds.
  • MSD 533 - Multisensor Smoke Detector - Optical scattered light smoke detector, promptly recognises smouldering fires, embers and fires with naked flames that produce smoke. The light scattered by the smoke particles reaches the detector sensor, which converts it into an electrical signal. When the signal reaches the defined alarm threshold, the MSD 533 immediately transmits an alarm signal to the central unit via the SecuriLine® ring line. This intelligent smoke detector features memory for recording the measured data.
  • UTD 533 - Universal Temperature Detector - Differential or maximum behaviour universal temperature detector, to be used where it is necessary to recognise fire regardless of the smoke that develops. The core of this heat detector is a temperature sensor. It not only continuously monitors the ambient temperature - but also accurately measures the rate at which it increases. When the signal surpasses the defined alarm threshold, or the temperature rises faster than the fixed limit, the detector immediately transmits an alarm signal to the central unit.
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smoke aspiration

SecuriRAS® ASD is a latest generation smoke detection system. Through small holes in the suction line, the air in the surrounding environment is drawn in a special detection chamber, where one or two high sensitivity detectors analyse the presence of smoke particles. A fan that draws air into the line and the electronic evaluation circuit are also housed in this chamber.

If the number of smoke particles detected exceeds the alarm threshold, the ASD automatically activates a fire detection control unit. The sensitivity levels, the lengths and the branching of the intake lines can be adapted to suit the environment to be protected. The ASD also ensures its own safety: continuous monitoring of the air flow allows it to immediately recognise any loss, breakage of pipes or blockages in the suction line.

All of the SecuriRAS® ASD advantages:

  • It detects the outset of a fire, promptly and with great sensitivity
  • Facilitates rapid intervention
  • It has different levels of sensitivity
  • Optimal filtering of disturbance factors, thanks to the comparison of the fire parameters
  • Excellent operation in severe conditions
  • Quick installation without compromising aesthetics
  • Surveillance of large areas thanks to the powerful fan

This system, which has been tested and approved by VdS, is used to examine buildings and environments such as:

  • IT and computer centres
  • Installations for Radio and TV transmissions
  • Telecommunication centres
  • Laboratories and research centres
  • Warehouses and distribution centres
  • Electronic testing laboratories
  • Airports and trains
  • Museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas
  • Cultural centres, monuments.
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thermal detection

The SecuriSens® ADW is a linear thermal detector. The air used by the system to monitor the ambient temperature is enclosed in a copper probe-tube, for a length of over 100 meters. The end of each probe-tube is connected to an electronic pressure transducer, which records any increase in air pressure inside the probe-tube: indicator of an increase in temperature. The processor permanently analyses the pressure values ​​present and, when the predefined threshold is exceeded, it instantly activates the alarm.

The system is fully self-contained: at regular intervals a control motor with a pressure pump generates a defined overpressure inside the probe-tube. If the recorded pressure increase does not correspond to the normal programmed value, the processor signals the fault.

All of the advantages of SecuriSens® ADW:

  • Surveillance is constant, even over long distances
  • Resistance even under extreme environmental conditions
  • Low maintenance thanks to a fully automatic self-monitoring system
  • Optimum reaction with velocimetric and thermostat evaluation in each application
  • It allows the programming of an early warning alarm
  • Complies with standard EN 54-5 A1
  • VdS and UL certifications
  • Also available with ATEX certification

SecuriSens® ADW is the right choice for the security of:

  • Multi-storey and underground car parks, cable ducts and transport channels
  • Gas and district heating pipelines, factories and chemical plants
  • Industrial factories and warehouses
  • Logistic and distribution centres
  • Fuel depots
  • Road, railway or tube tunnels
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View the sample models of SecuriSens® ADW 2
View the sample models of SecuriSens® ADW 3
View the sample models of SecuriSens® ADW 4
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thermal cable

In some particularly hostile environmental conditions (temperatures up to -40 °C or up to +85 °C, air humidity of up to 100%, dirt circulating in the air) a measuring apparatus may also be useless.

With the SecuriSens® TSC directed analogue thermo-volumetric cable, Securiton has developed a tool that identifies and reports the fires very rapidly, right in the places where traditional technologies are particularly susceptible to malfunctions.

SecuriSens® TSC is equipped with highly sensitive sensors, which record and promptly report any increase in temperature. The sensors are enclosed in an inner and an outer sheath; the information is transmitted via a special bus system, protected by international patent. Thanks to these solutions, the SecuriSens® TSC system works reliably and safely even in harsh environmental conditions. It is practically insensitive to EMC electromagnetic interference and is maintenance-free.

All of the advantages of SecuriSens® TSC:

  • Complete surveillance, even over large areas
  • Rapid recognition of fire outbreaks
  • Reaction time is sometimes even quicker than the prescribed standards
  • Excellent operation, even in harsh environmental conditions
  • Cost-efficient advantage: low-cost materials, ease of installation, long life
  • It requires virtually no maintenance
  • Complies with standard EN 54-5 A1

SecuriSens® TSC is the right choice for the security of:

  • Road, railway or tube tunnels
  • Multi-storey and underground car parks
  • Gas and district heating ducts and pipes
  • Factories and chemical plants
  • Industrial factories and warehouses
  • Production lines, refineries and mills
  • Logistic and distribution centres
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