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Fire Break curtains represent a safe and non-invasive passive protection system.

The concept of compartmentation is frequently used in Fire Safety; it indicates the division of a building into compartments in order to avoid that, in case of fire, flames and combustion products also propagate to other areas of a building not directly affected by the event.

Whether a room or group of rooms, a staircase or a corridor, what is important is that each of them is delimited, as required under specific legislation, by structural components with fire resistance requisites in order to comply with fire prevention directives.

The construction of compartments is essential in multi-storey buildings or complexes, because even an event of modest proportions can jeopardise the safety of the occupants or damage property.

Walls and floors of a compartment must be fire-resistant, and each passage or crossing opening must also be protected (according to current technical regulations).

The tailor-made FANANI FIRE Fire Break has been created to achieve compartments which are an alternative to other fire protection devices on the market for both small and large dimensions, with the advantage of being minimally invasive in terms of space and aesthetics.

It has been tested in accordance with the following standards: UNI EN 1363-1 " Fire resistance tests" and UNI EN 1634-1 " Fire resistance tests for doors, closing systems and openable windows".

During tests at an accredited laboratory, it was classified according to the parameters established by the UNI EN 13501-2: 2009 standard "Fire classification of construction products and building elements - Part 2: Classification using data from fire resistance tests, excluding ventilation services", ensuring imperviousness to fire and smoke for two hours on both sides.


Entry into force of the UNI EN 16034: 2014 standard, which will also require the CE marking for this type of devices, is pending.

The transition period will start shortly for the CE marking of fire doors, fire curtains, etc. (originally scheduled for December 1, but it is now accepted as certain that it will enter into force on 01.09.2016).

CE marked products can move freely throughout the entire EEA-European Economic area.


How they work

They are activated only in the case of fire alarm and/or black-out for more than 6 hours; therefore the lack of network power supply does not affect their proper functioning.

The barrier is equipped with a FAIL SAFE GRAVITY system, designed to ensure proper functioning not only in the presence of alarm but also in the event of any electrical failures:

  • Damage to control unit
  • Interruption of connection cables

Use of these systems enables areas to be partitioned in a discreet and functional way, dividing even considerable spaces, and not contrasting with the overall aesthetics of the structure in which they are inserted, unlike other types of existing devices.

" Fire Break" and " Smoke Break" FANANI FIRE curtains are technical, innovative and revolutionary products in the market of passive fire protection.

We can therefore say that these systems are effective for:

  • Countering the spread of fire and smoke through different compartments
  • Encouraging the safe evacuation of occupants
  • Assisting emergency services



Fanani Fire


  • Protection index > IP55
  • Supply > 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Output > 24 VDC
  • Battery > 2 x 12V NP
  • Serial interface > RS 232


  • Isolated serial module > RS 485
  • Serial for descent coordination > DCMC

The flexibility of the CU-350 system allows programming in the field of command and coordination parameters for tubular operators of smoke and heat barriers:

  • from operator panel;
  • from PC with specific software and RS-232 interface;
  • from remote supervisor via multi-point serial communication.

CU-350 is remote controllable:

  • from PC, PLC on physical layer RS-323 or RS-485 with Modbus RTU communication protocol;
  • via Wi-Fi or Ethernet using interface adapter and Modbus RTU protocol on TCP-IP.



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